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Mission Statement




Over the last six years, the Bled Strategic Forum has emerged as one of the important annual gatherings of great thinkers from the spheres of politics, industry, and academia from Europe, South Eastern Europe and beyond. We expect high-level participation again this year, including businessmen, intellectuals, media, policy-makers from national capitals, the EU, UN, NATO, OECD and OSCE. The event is always well attended by the leaders from the Western Balkans and Central Europe and it offers a great opportunity for networking and conducting bilateral meetings as well.


Bled Strategic Forum 2012 will focus on challenges and opportunities of the European Union after the euro crisis, the outlook of the global economy and power relations at a time when BRICS are emerging. Panel discussions will also address the partnerships between Europe and China, and Europe and Asia, as well as Europe's challenges in South East Europe and the Mediterranean.



Bled Strategic Forum 2011 tackled under the title "The Power of the Future", some of the main challenges of the decade, focusing on new players, especially the BRIC countries, on European challenges in the Mediterranean, EU-China relations, Afghanistan, the future of energy, challenges and perspectives in the Western Balkans, the role of small states in global affairs, as well as food security and the role of innovation in economy. The entire spectrum of topics built on the already established combination of regional and global issues. As a new addition to the event, Young BSF aimed at attracting the attention of young people, the future decision-makers. Another novelty of the 2011 Forum was cooperation with China in the organisation of the panel addressing EU-China relations. The Forum brought together 400 participants from the political, economic and scientific spheres from more than 40 countries, proving that, through its selection of topics, the Forum is an emerging platform connecting political leaders, representatives of economies and experts seeking answers to strategic challenges and shaping agreements to implement new strategies.

Bled Strategic Forum 2010 was a great success. Under the title "The Global Outlook for the Next Decade", the Forum dealt with some of the major challenges of the decade: energy transition, the water challenge, re-vitalisation of the economy, the transformative power of the Internet, regional challenges of Western Balkans and Central Asia. It was attended by more than 400 participants from 40 different countries. Bled hosted top international policy makers, private sector leaders and experts in the field of geopolitics, including the former U.S. Secretary of State, General Colin L. Powell.

Bled Strategic Forum 2009, called "The Politics of Economic Crisis: Redefining Economic and Geopolitical Landscapes in Europe and Eurasia", brought together numerous leaders, policy planners and representatives of civil society. The main topics of discussion were the politics of economic crisis and its influence on economic and political landscapes of Europe and Eurasia. It was a great pleasure to find out that the topic was highly accurate, provoking enough for lively discussion and useful for our further formation of policy approaches.

The 2008 Bled Strategic Forum was devoted to the nexus between energy and climate change. Under the title "Energy and Climate Change: Si.nergy for the Future" it brought together more than 400 high-level government representatives, politicians, EU officials, private sector leaders and senior representatives from think tanks and the non-governmental sector.

The 2007 Bled Strategic Forum was convened in August 2007, just a few months before the start of the first Slovenian EU presidency. A Conference titled "European Union 2020: Enlarging and Integrating" gathered a large number of participants from variegated backgrounds, including a number of high-level governmental representatives and private sector leaders. The Forum covered major challenges that the EU and global society face today, primarily focusing on the principal priorities of the Slovenian EU presidency.

The 2006 Bled Strategic Forum, called "Caspian Outlook 2008", was focused on the geopolitical relevance of the Caspian region for the EU from economic, political and strategic perspectives.

Bled Strategic Forum is organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Centre for European Perspective.